The Choir “Gli Harmonici”



Was founded by Fabio Alberti, in January 2006. The choral group is composed of over 50 children ageds between 9 and 19 years. The choir has been invited to have a lot of concerts in different places of Italy and in other countries. Has participated in several national and international festivals and music festivals, like performing and repertoire ranging from sacred music to secular. It has worked with opera companies (July 2009, “Tosca” by Puccini, July 2010  “Carmen” by Bizet) has also made important contributions in recordings of composers and songwriters.

It was the workshop choir (for the teachers and directors of choirs)in the stages of these directors: Mario Mora, Mario Giorgi, Clara Bertella, Denis Monte, Oscar Boada.



It took part (in March and April 2011), with considerable acclaim, in the tour “Ivy” with the famous pop singer Elisa, had  performances in the theaters of Brescia, Milan, Bergamo and Pavia. In October 2011, two concerts were requested by the historic Russian city of Yaroslavl, obtaining approval of the public and critics. Recently the group has been invited to perform in other important events, including, with significant success, at the opening ceremony of the International Exhibition “Children and the sky”, held in Illegio (Ud) in May 2012, in the presence of numerous authorities and Cardinal Canizares Llovera.

curriculum-coro2Then the choir has been invited to participate in the prestigious international exhibition “The Silver Keys” to Chiavenna (Sondrio), where he received an important recognition that takes the name of the event itself, and the International Festival of Sant Cugat, Spain (September 2012). It has received many awards and recognitions among which we can mention:

2006, 2007, 2008: First prize in the competitions for choirs of school Cene (Bg), Castiglione delle Stiviere (Mn), Vescovato (Cr);
2007 and 2009: Band of Gold in the “Children choir category” in the Choral Competition “F. Gaffurio” Quartiano (Lo);
2008: Third prize and special prize “ninetieth” in the category ” Children choir category ” at the XLIII National Choral Competition of Vittorio Veneto (TV);
2009: First Place at V Choral Competition “Daniel Maffeis” Gazzaniga (Bg) Second place in The National Choral Competition “City Trophy Treviglio” (Bg);
2010: Third Prize (best Italian choir) at the II International Competition for Choral ” Children choir category “, Malcesine (Vr), and Special Award to the Director Fabio Alberti as “Young Emerging Director”;
Second place in the III International Choir Competition of Stresa (Vb), Polyphony category for “Equal Voices”.
The choir is conducted by its founding by Maestro Fabio Alberti.